# Customization

You can customize the colors in inkey by passing hex colors (without hash) to the source URL:

const algonaut = new Algonaut({
    // ... other algonaut config
    INKEY_SRC: 'https://inkey.app/?text=f00&link=0f0'


<iframe src="https://inkey.app/?text=f00&link=0f0">

# Available Parameters

Here are all the parameters you can pass to the URL, and their default values:

            background: '101112'
                  text: 'FFFFFF'
             textError: 'bd283a'
               heading: 'FFD866'
                  link: 'FA3162'
              backLink: 'ABD0D8'
          primaryBtnBg: '2A9461'
        primaryBtnText: 'FFFFFF'
        secondaryBtnBg: '323232'
      secondaryBtnText: 'FFD866'
           formFieldBg: '3C3C3C'
         formFieldText: 'FFFFFF'
      formFieldOutline: 'FFD866'
 formFieldActiveBorder: 'lightgray'
        formFieldLabel: 'AAAAAA'
           walletColor: 'A9DC76'