# Welcome

Inkey is a microwallet for Algorand dApps. It works like a wallet – managing balances, sending transactions – but is designed to make the authentication experience for users as frictionless as possible, while still adhering to the decentralized, self-sovereign ethos of Web3.

Quick Start

Inkey allows your users to log in and create accounts with no knowledge of the blockchain – they only need a username and password – but lets them take control of the account at any point, should they decide to use the account for other purposes. In other words, Inkey is not a custodial wallet.

We encourage using Inkey as a "hot wallet" with small balances – it's perfect for dApp interactions, but (purposefully) doesn't contain all the functionality of other Algorand wallets. Users can "top off" their Inkey wallet with their main Algorand account, or with something like Wyre.

# Found a bug?

If you're having problems with Inkey, please file an issue over on Github.